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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The places selected to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites are usually in a historical location with cultural and anthropological importance. This UNESCO World heritage sites offers a deep insight into the life and times of the majestic kings of Sri Lanka and the engineering and architectural potential of the times.

Wildlife Jeep Safari

Sri Lanka is one of the highest rates biological endemism in the world whether in plants or animals and is included among the top five bio-diversity hotspots in the world.

Blue whales & Dolphin watching

Waves of memorable fun. Sri Lanka may turn out to be a world’s top hotspot for seeing both largest Baleen Whales together with the largest toothed Whales within sight of shore in their natural habitat. Sri Lanka is also the all year round destination for this recreational activity. One hundred and five river systems contribute a steady nutrient flow to the ocean. This together with the upwelling during the monsoons at the edge of the continental shelf creates ideal conditions to support a food chain all year around in the warm water of Sri Lanka.

Surfing & water sports

With a wide range of excellent Surfing locations on both the east and southwest coast (each suitable at different times of year according to the monsoon seasons), Sri Lanka is a year-round surfing destination. Sri Lanka has been recognized by the international surfing community for some time now, with the east coast’s Arugam bay boasting an annual International Surfing Competition. So whether you’re an expert or a beginner looking to ride the white stuff for the first time, there’s something for everyone!


Sri Lanka is a very special hiking destination. There are trails for all sorts of experience, from easy walks to more intense treks. Sri Lanka also has over 400 waterfalls, a visit to which is included in plenty of hikes. Here are some of the best hiking and trekking trails in Sri Lanka.

Diving & Snorkeling

With the glittering sand and sun, fantastic weather, warm water, colourful marine wildlife, and great visibility, Sri Lanka is a driver’s dream. Feel, discover and swim with the beautiful bottom. The incredible hospitality and the care provided to you by the professional dive places along the coastal belt of the island.